Poetically Inspired learning

"Poetry" is the art of words. Poetry allows words themselves to be the star in the messages that they deliver. Often given without musical accompaniment, the technique and mechanics of traditional and modern poetry is its own "cypher" of rules, guidelines and as best as word can, they can convey the feeling behind the message in a way that they message itself has no such intention of providing.

The core mission of Poet-Tech is Didactic Poetry. Merriam-Webster defines "didactic" as a) designed or intended to teach, b)intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment...such as "didactic poetry". Didactic Poetry, by definition is created with the intention of teaching as well as delighting, if done well.

Starting with two academic subjects: Algebra, and of course, Poetry, Poet-Tech hopes to open a channel to learning by establishing a relationship of understanding that is immersive and collaborative. Though "creation" is not a required part of the learning process, the experience of the "story" in itself, teaches. To respond from within the "story" whether in kind or in response, creates individualized experiences of the information and can provide the key to insights in learning and resolution in resistance to it.